Who Do I Get Motivated?

Recently I spoke to a group of wonderful women at Dress for Success in downtown Pittsburgh. They asked some very intelligent questions with a similar theme that I hear often from people going through a transition. “How do you get motivated when you just can’t seem to get going?”
First understand that if you are going through any life transition whether it be death of a loved <a href="http://www.growtopiahackonlinez.com/tool/" target="_blank" more information >love here one, divorce, children moving away, or any number of challenges it is very difficult to expect great fulfillment in anything until you ground yourself with a sound foundation of beliefs. And those beliefs should center around one theme…You already have everything you need to do anything you want.
Accept that you control your own destiny. Know that if you are dedicated, you can accomplish anything. Believe that greatness is in your future.
Then set specific steps to get there. And don’t expect to know what those steps are if you still doubt everything I have said above. The path will not be clear to you. It will be foggy.
Dedication trumps motivation every time. If someone assaulted your child, would you sit around and wait to get motivated to do something about it? Of course not. You would be dedicated to doing whatever it took click great website to give your child back esteem.
Success is the same. When you are as dedicated to achievement as you would be to protecting your child, you will not need to get motivated. In order to get there, ask yourself, “How badly do I want my life to be better? And “What am I willing to do to get there?”
If you are struggling with a particularly challenging time in your life, don’t be hard on yourself. Don’t expect to know all the answers. You cannot set a new and clear path while you are in a storm. You can hardly see the road.
Remember, you already have everything you need to do anything you want.